Abigail Brunory ('20)

Abbybrunory Photo

Abigail Brunory is a sophomore from Carmel, IN, majoring in the Biological Sciences and minoring in Italian Studies. On campus, she is invlovled in the Wellness Commissioner program for her residence hall, Pasquerilla West, and is a Thrive Well-Being Leader at McWell. In addition, she participates in undergraduate research at Harper Cancer Research Institute, where she studies breast cancer brain metastases. After graduation, she hopes to obtain an MD-PhD and pursue a career as a physician-scientist, specializing in breast cancer oncology. In her free time, she enjoys baking, blogging, and binge-watching Gilmore Girls.

Christopher Enabnit ('20)

Chrisenabnit Photo Copy

Christopher is a member of the Class of 2020, majoring in philosophy and theology. He is from Sacramento, CA and currently lives in Dillon Hall. In addition to his majors, he has enduring interests in mathematics, architecture, and languages, and has had the opportunity to take courses in each discipline at Notre Dame.

Emily Zagorski ('18)

Emily Zagorski Photo

Emily is a senior from Irving, Texas majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. On campus she is a philosophy and theology tutor for the First Year of Studies program where she also works as a Monitor. Off campus she continues her passion for debate acting as a remote coach for her alma mater’s speech team. As an anglophile, Emily was happy to have spent time studying abroad in London in the fall of 2016. Outside of the classroom, Emily is a prolific reader of current events and enjoys playing piano. After graduation, Emily plans on attending law school and one day having a career in politics.


John Haley ('18)

John Haley

John Haley is a Film, Television, and Theatre major from North Mankato, Minnesota. He is also planning on pursuing a minor in Peace Studies. He is a member of the Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program and the Kellogg International Scholars Program and is involved in Notre Dame Student Government. John recently completed an internship at ART WORKS Projects, a Chicago-based non-profit that focuses on using film and photography to advocate on behalf of human rights violations around the world.


Katie Portman ('18)


Katie Portman

Katie is a senior anthropology major with a supplemental major in ACMS. She currently lives in Farley Hall but hails from the western suburbs of Chicago. Katie is interested in studying archaeology - she basically just wants to dig in the dirt forever. She is involved on campus as a Resident Assistant, an officer of the Anthropology Club, and in the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra as a violinist.



Kylie Ruscheinski ('19)

Kylieruscheinski Photo

Kylie Ruscheinski is a junior Political Science Major and Business Economics Minor in Cavanaugh Hall. She is from Chicago, Illinois, and is currently spending her second semester in the London Undergraduate Program. Her time out of class is spend dedicated to various organizations on campus including Notre Dame Model United Nations, BridgeND, NDVotes, and Cavanaugh Hall Council.

Mateo Garcia-Novelli ('19)


Garcia Novelli

Mateo is a junior from Racine, Wisconsin currently living in Zahm House. He is an Economics and Political Science double major, a Stamps Scholar, and a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program. He is a proud member of Chorale (Notre Dame’s mixed concert choir) and Student Government, where he serves on the Department of Constituent Services and the Campus Life Council. Last summer, he spent three weeks in Israel and Jordan as part of a Notre Dame Study Abroad program. Mateo enjoys playing piano, singing, and engaging in late night chats about almost any topic.

Mimi Teixeira ('18)

Mimi Teixeira

Mimi Teixeira is a senior from Hingham, Massachusetts and is currently living in Lyons Hall.  She is studying economics and political science and hopes to work in politics in some form after college.  She is currently the secretary of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter and the secretary of BridgeND on campus, and is a member of the Right to Life club.  Her interests include tax policy, immigration policy, and social mobility in the United States. In her free time, she likes to attend sporting events, catch up on the news, and watch reruns of the Office and Friday Night Lights. 

Molly Murphy ('19)


Df Molly

Molly is a junior English and FTT major from Southport, CT who is also planning on pursuing Studio Art and Business and Economics minors. Molly writes for the Sports section of the Observer and is a member of the Notre Dame Club Field Hockey Team, as well as a tutor for Academic Services for Student Athletes. In her free time she enjoys journaling, playing sports, listening to her favorite singer Vanessa Carlton, and drawing and hopes one day to pursue a career in writing. 


Nandi Mgwaba ('18)

Nandi Mgwaba

Nandi Mgwaba grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nandi is double majoring in African Studies and Film, Theatre and Television. She is passionate about using theatre and film as mediums for problem-solving both in education and community building. Nandi hopes to return to work in South Africa in order to (re)capture the voice and narratives of her community and share them globally. 




Parker Revers ('20)


Parkerrevers Photo

Parker is a sophomore finance and history double major from Fisher Hall. He has an affinity for adventure, current events, and coffee. Last summer, he lived in rural Bangladesh teaching English, is often seen at the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, is a member of the Investment Club, Wall Street Club, and boxes for the Men’s Boxing team. This upcoming summer, he will be in Cannes, France for the Cannes Film Festival and will then fly to Beijing, China for an investment banking internship. 


Regina O'Brien ('20)


Reginaobrien Photo

Regina is a sophomore from Wellesley, Massachusetts. She studies International Economics, German and Art History. A member of the Fencing Team and former US Junior World Team member, she recently was inducted into the Monogram Club and Rosenthal Leadership Academy. Regina has loved working for the Department of German and Russian Languages and Literatures; singing and arranging for Harmonia; volunteering as a Dream Team captain at a local elementary school; and promoting civil discourse. Through Notre Dame’s summer programs based in Corinth and at Trinity College Dublin, she studied ancient art and economics and explored the natural beauties of Greece and Ireland.



Shannon O'Hara ('20)


Shannonohara Photo

Shannon is a sophomore from San Jose, California, currently living in McGlinn Hall.  She is studying Neuroscience & Behavior as well as ACMS, and is hoping to pursue a minor in Philosophy.  Following graduation she hopes to attend graduate school for Neuroscience. On campus she is involved in the women’s club soccer team and the Adopt a Family Christmas Initiative club, as well as tutoring for student-athletes. In her free time she loves to work out and read for pleasure, but won’t say no to a night in binge watching Netflix. 



Sofia Carozza ('19)

Sofiacarozza Photo

Sofia is a junior studying Neuroscience and Theology with a minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). Sofia conducts interdisciplinary research at the intersection of neuroscience with the humanities, and is passionate about utilizing her scholarship for social change. In her free time, Sofia enjoys boxing, running, exploring foreign countries, and playing the harp. 

Zachary Huber ('19)

Zachhuber Photo

Zach is a junior majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies and Physics. Originally from Lebanon, OH, he lives in Duncan Hall while on campus. However, during the Spring 2018 semester, he cannot be found among the Highlanders of Duncan Hall because he will be around the actual Highlands of Scotland while studying abroad at the University of St. Andrews. Around campus, Zach has worked in a variety of chemistry and physics research groups, helps First Year of Studies as a peer advisor, and cantors for dorm Mass in Duncan.

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