Abigail Brunory ('20)

Abbybrunory Photo

Abigail Brunory is a sophomore from Carmel, IN, majoring in the Biological Sciences and minoring in Italian Studies. On campus, she is invlovled in the Wellness Commissioner program for her residence hall, Pasquerilla West, and is a Thrive Well-Being Leader at McWell. In addition, she participates in undergraduate research at Harper Cancer Research Institute, where she studies breast cancer brain metastases. After graduation, she hopes to obtain an MD-PhD and pursue a career as a physician-scientist, specializing in breast cancer oncology. In her free time, she enjoys baking, blogging, and binge-watching Gilmore Girls.

Christopher Enabnit ('20)

Chrisenabnit Photo Copy

Christopher is a member of the Class of 2020, majoring in philosophy and theology. He is from Sacramento, CA and currently lives in Dillon Hall. In addition to his major, he has been able to study German and Hebrew, visiting Germany and Israel through university programs.

Charlotte Schmidt ('21)

Charlotte is a sophomore from San Diego, California. She currently resides in Badin Hall. Majoring in political science, Charlotte is interested in pursuing a career in electoral reform and law. She is a member of the Violence Prevention Initiative within the Gender Relations Center on campus. Off campus, she has spent time volunteering with the St. Joseph County Health Department. For the 2019-2020 academic year, Charlotte will be studying government and policy at the London School of Economics.

Kylie Ruscheinski ('19)

Kylieruscheinski Photo

Kylie Ruscheinski is a senior Political Science Major and Business Economics Minor. She lives in Cavanaugh Hall and originally hails from Chicago, Illinois. Her time outside of class is spent dedicated to various organizations on campus including Notre Dame Model United Nations, NDVotes, and Cavanaugh Hall Council. She plans on returning to Chicago to work for her local government when she graduates this May.

Mateo Garcia-Novelli ('19)


Garcia Novelli

Mateo is a senior from Racine, Wisconsin currently living off campus, formerly of Zahm House. He is an Economics and Political Science double major, a Stamps Scholar, and a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program. A proud member of Chorale (Notre Dame’s mixed voices concert choir), he also completed a summer study abroad in Israel and Jordan and a yearlong study abroad program at Oriel College of the University of Oxford. He will be joining the Boston Consulting Group in Chicago after graduation. Mateo enjoys playing piano, singing, and engaging in late night chats about almost any topic.

Molly Murphy ('19)

Df Molly

Molly Murphy is a senior English major with a Business Economics minor. She enjoys drawing, singing, playing field hockey and tennis, and playing the guitar. She is the President of the Notre Dame Club Field Hockey Team and the lead singer for the Notre Dame based band Nickels and Dimes. When she graduates she wants to write and sing and get better at cooking.





Parker Revers ('20)


Parkerrevers Photo

Parker is a sophomore finance and history double major from Fisher Hall. He has an affinity for adventure, current events, and coffee. Last summer, he lived in rural Bangladesh teaching English, is often seen at the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, is a member of the Investment Club, Wall Street Club, and boxes for the Men’s Boxing team. This upcoming summer, he will be in Cannes, France for the Cannes Film Festival and will then fly to Beijing, China for an investment banking internship. 


Regina O'Brien ('20)


Reginaobrien Photo

Regina hails from the Greater Boston Area in her home state of Massachusetts. She majors in International Economics and German, with particular interests in immigration, education and media, but loves talking anything and everything Arts & Letters. Outside the College, she competes on the two-time National Championship fencing team and musically directs Harmonia A Cappella.



Shannon O'Hara ('20)


Shannonohara Photo

Shannon is a sophomore from San Jose, California, currently living in McGlinn Hall.  She is studying Neuroscience & Behavior as well as ACMS, and is hoping to pursue a minor in Philosophy.  Following graduation she hopes to attend graduate school for Neuroscience. On campus she is involved in the women’s club soccer team and the Adopt a Family Christmas Initiative club, as well as tutoring for student-athletes. In her free time she loves to work out and read for pleasure, but won’t say no to a night in binge watching Netflix. 



Sofia Carozza ('19)

Sofiacarozza Photo

Sofia is a junior studying Neuroscience and Theology with a minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). Sofia conducts interdisciplinary research at the intersection of neuroscience with the humanities, and is passionate about utilizing her scholarship for social change. In her free time, Sofia enjoys boxing, running, exploring foreign countries, and playing the harp. 

Zachary Huber ('19)

Zachhuber Photo

Zach is a senior majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies and Physics. Originally from Lebanon, OH, he is currently an RA in Duncan Hall. After graduation, he will be pursuing his Ph. D in physics. While at Notre Dame, Zach has written a senior thesis on J. R. R. Tolkien and medievalism in PLS, worked in a variety of physics and chemistry research groups, served as a peer advisor in First Year of Studies, studied abroad at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and participated in student government, The Bald and the Beautiful charity effort, interhall soccer, and cantoring for dorm Masses in Duncan.

John Henry Hobgood ('20)

St 8

John Henry is a junior from Shreveport, LA but now calls the Cadillac of Dorms, Fisher Hall, home. He is majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies with minors in Constitutional Studies and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). He serves as a Sorin Fellow for the Center for Ethics and Culture and president of Dean’s Fellows for the College of Arts and Letters. Last summer, he interned at the Abigail Adams Institute at Harvard, where he conducted research for Erika Bachiochi, J.D., Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School, for her forthcoming book, "Vindicating the Rights of Women Anew: A Vision Restored." His interests include political philosophy, political theology, and especially the connection between natural philosophy and political philosophy in the early-modern to Enlightenment time periods

 Alyssa Daly ('20)

Hello! I'm currently a junior living in Ryan Hall studying Psychology and Political Science. On campus, I am finishing up my term as Ryan Hall President, serving as a member of the ND-Day student leadership team for 2019, and I'm also an active member of the QuestBridge Scholars Program. In addition, I work as a manager for the Varsity Women's Volleyball Team and as a student assistant for the Office of Residential Life. After my time as an undergraduate, I would love to obtain my MEd through Notre Dame's ACE program.

 Sydney Schlager ('20)

Sydney is a junior studying International Economics and Peace Studies. She is from South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently lives in Pasquerilla West Hall, where she is the commissioner for the Gender Relations Center. Sydney is on the academic committee of the Notre Dame Student Peace Conference. She studied abroad in Santiago, Chile during the fall semester. Sydney is interested in restorative justice practices and the role of gender in peacebuilding.

 Molly Smith ('19)

Apart from studying economics, Molly enjoys various disciplines of climbing (rock, ice, sport, boulder, single- and multi-pitch), cooking vegan food, practicing acro yoga and long discussions with both close friends and new people. She sees learning as a lifelong pursuit and is excited to work seasonal jobs post-graduation to explore different walks of life and continue to pursue those interests. She is also interested in the intersection of economics and environmental issues, and she sees potential to combine those interests in a career setting further down the road.

Mika Inoue ('21)

Mika Inoue is a sophomore, studying Economics and Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics. She currently lives in Lewis Hall, but originally grew up in Manila, Philippines. On campus, Mika works as an undergraduate research assistant, is an editor for the Journal of Undergraduate Research for the College of Arts and Letters, and is an active member of FAST and Unleashed Social Ventures. In her free time, she enjoys visiting McWell, cooking, and watching Netflix.

Marie Donnelly ('21) 

Donnelly Picture

Marie Donnelly is a sophomore majoring in Economics and Film, Television, and Theatre. When not in South Bend, you can find her in her home city of St. Louis, MO. On campus, she creates her dorm’s weekly feature, is an undergraduate media assistant at the Grotto Network, and is an active member of Notre Dame’s chapter of Camp Kesem.




Oksana Oleshchuk ('21)

Oksana is a sophomore studying Neuroscience & Behavior as well as Theology. She is an involved resident of McGlinn Hall and loves it just as much as she loves her hometown of Indianapolis, IN. On campus, she works in the Family Studies Lab, a psychology research lab, and she dreams of becoming an occupational therapist after graduation. Oksana's other interests include public transportation, animals, saints, and advocating for inclusivity.

Thomas Murphy ('21)

Thomas Murphy Pic

Thomas is a sophomore from Glencoe, Illinois, majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies with minors in Business & Economics and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. A proud resident of Sorin College, Thomas serves as an Associate News Editor for The Observer and as a fellow for the Department of Philosophy's God and the Good Life course. Thomas' interests include political philosophy, college football, and collecting vinyl records